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Hot Tours Maldives is an established travel agent in the Maldives, with a great team of more than 20 years of experience in the Maldivian tourism sector. The company is specialized in travel arrangements and all travel related programs within the Maldives as well as abroad. Hot Tours Maldives is the offspring of a reliable company, Hedge Bonds International, which specializes in a wide range of services.

What we Offer

Diving & Cruising

Explore the Maldivian Seas on a dive, cruise or a snorkelling trip that will blow you away! Will take you all over Maldives to dive, cruise or snorkel and maintain core principles we believe is important for our clients.

Resort Bookings

A Maldivian Tourist Resort is a tropical island set in the shimmering waters of a shallow lagoon, ringed by a reef vibrant with marine life, its soft sand shaded by swaying palm fronds, the perfect vacation of a lifetime.

Local Guest House

Vacation on an island community. An opportunity to experience the culture and livelihood of the Maldives, from local crafts and music to day-to-day island life, like fishing and boat building. And you’ll feel like you belong here.

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